Aldouran Wetland Garden

Glen Walk

Aldouran Glen Wood, owned and managed by the Woodland Trust Scotland, is one of only a handful of “Ancient semi natural woods” left on the Rhins peninsula.

The walk up through the glen gives visitors a chance to experience the living link to our past and the original “wild wood” which would have cloaked much of Scotland at one time.

The narrow beaten earth path winds its way up through the wood in parallel with the burn.

About half way up the path forks and visitors can either continue up through the glen to the top of turn right over the footbridge and climb the steps up onto the recent planting site at the top where there is a bench providing rest and views back down into the glen.

Both paths emerge onto the farm track which skirts the wood to the west and north.

After turning right and following the track from which there are beautiful views across Loch Ryan, walkers will ultimately reach the minor road leading downhill into Leswalt.